Payson Stevens, a prominent Friend of GHNP says on 23rd June 2014:
“I want to let you know, with profound and quiet appreciation, that the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) was inscribed yesterday as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) in Doha. This is another wonderful phase of my 14-year association with GHNP as a trekker (1,500 km), advisor, and lover of this truly unique environment in India and our planet.
A very small informal group, Friends of GHNP, played a crucial role in making this happen, along with a handful of dedicated Indian scientists and government officials who understand the importance of GHNP: a place protecting the Western Himalayas by Indian environmental law and now internationally recognized as a World Heritage Site committed to conserve the unique biodiversity of the Western Himalayas.”
(Payson R. Stevens divides his time painting/writing/film-making in the studios in Del Mar, California and a remote part of the Indian Himalayas (Kullu Valley) where he lives with his wife, the writer Kamla K. Kapoor (

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