Welcome to the Great Himalayan National Park

Friends of GHNP (FGHNP) welcomes you to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). Known for the sublime beauty of its forests and wildlife, majestic snow-clad peaks, and clear rivers fed by glaciers, the Park is India’s crowning glory, protecting and representing the Western Himalayas.

The Park has something for everyone. Weary city dwellers can find solace in the lush greenery and crisp mountain air. Wildlife and nature lovers will be astonished by the sheer variety of flora and fauna. Trekkers will delight in the challenges and discoveries that abound on remote and pristine trekking trails. Conservationists and environment scientists will find themselves in a biodiversity hotspot with endemic species, diverse ecosystems, ancient rock formations, and more. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, the Great Himalayan National Park is waiting for you.

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